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Wonder Core II

SKU: 600966

Quick Overview

• Core Spring Design -muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion.
• Beyond 180 degrees - extended range of motion to target your core .
• Ergonomic Design - focuses the resistance on your upper,middle,lower abs and your obliques.
• Core Band Design - make you get rowing motion.
• Core Band Motion - you can do rowing,chest expanding exercise .
• Tighten That Pooch - you can do a lower ab press to really tighten that pooch.
• Upper Body Stretch
• Total Core Workout - you can do crunches,reverse crunches,obliques twists,lower ab tucks, lower ab press and stretch, rowing and more fitness sports.

• Getting resistance on the way down and up with every rep with dual resistance.
• Provides a full 180 degree range of motion.
• Totally adjustable to your fitness level,you can get the ideal amount of resistance on the down and have the right amount of support customized to your exact fitness level .

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Want to quickly sculpt your abs in an exciting way? Engage your entire core with Wonder Core 2! Ditch the boring routine, enjoy 12 types of ab workouts anytime, anywhere.