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Solar Galaxy Star Laser

SKU: 0059772

Quick Overview

• Solar Panel with patented solar-powered technology, which harnesses power of the sun, and allows users to have no electricity costs
• Lights, which cover surfaces (eg. homes), in 3 different ways/modes:
• Steady Red
• Steady Green
• Flashing Red & Green
• Button to switch from one light mode to another
• Automatic on/off sensor, which switches device off when light is present in the area, and on when it is dark in the area. (Device can be manually switched off)
• 3 removable/interchangeable bases:
• Stake: used to install device on the ground
• Indoor base: used to put device on the floor, tables
• Mount: used to install device on other flat surfaces, which need secure mounting (eg.: fences, tree trunks)

• Illuminates surfaces with star-like lights
• No more hassle going through wires of traditional Christmas/party lights
• No electricity costs
• No need to plug-in
• Splash-proof and wind-resistant

• Solar Galaxy Star Laser
• Instruction Manual

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Amp up the holiday spirit and bathe your home in the glow and design of Solar Galaxy Star Laser-- the world's first solar laser!