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Sankom Men's Aloe Vera Posture Correction Medium-Large

SKU: 601419

Quick Overview

• Functional slimming
• Patent technology, made from highest quality materials of Unique Swiss technology
• Moisture control and breathable fabric for proper ventilation
• Waist minimizer and effective micro-massage system
• Aloe Vera Fibers: Hypoallergenic and especially recommended for sensitive skin, post-surgery and post pregnancy
• Cooling Fibers: Help reduce temperature by several degrees, great for hot climates and summer weather

• Provides a better esthetical body shape
• Comfortable to wear
• breathable fabric
• Helps to reduce back pain
• Weight small slim fit effect
• Ideal for sports and muscles enhancement
• Improves aesthetic appearance of the thighs and the lower abdomen
• Pulls in the stomach, enhance abdomen muscles
• Promotes a healthy blood and lymphatic circulation
• Strong lower back reinforcement
• Helps to reduce back pain and restores body balance
• Figure-contour lift and shape
• Corrects spine position and helps reduce muscles tension

• Weight Range: 150-231 lbs / 68.03-104.78 kgs

• 1pc Sankom Body Shaper

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Improve your posture and your body shape! Sankom is a body-correction shaper that corresponds to the anatomy of the human muscles and exerts a diagonal force to give you a slimmer and sexier look!

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