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  1. HD Mirror Cam

    A rear view mirror and dash cam in one, the HD Mirror Cam can be attached to your car?s existing rear-view mirror! Now, you can record and view without blocking too much of your windshield. FEATURES • A camera that records HD (high definition) 720P videos, and HD photos • 350-degree wide-angle rotating camera for recording in different angles • 8GB Micro SD Card to store recorded media, and transfer to computers • Micro SD slot, which can read Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB * Note that only 8GB Micro SD is included in package • Built-in microphone and speaker to record audio, and playback videos with audio • LCD Screen on rear-view mirror to view media recorded • Auto-delete function, which deletes oldest media when memory card is full • Power button, to turn device off or on • Mode button, which lets the user choose operating mode (ie. Video, Photo, Audio recording, Playback) A button, which allows device to capture still photos while recording videos • Motion detection mode, which lets the device record videos when motion is detected • Rubber strap bands to easily attach device on the cars rear-view mirror • Micro USB Charging Port, and car charger, for charging the device * Micro SD Card must be inserted, and car charger must be connected, in order to start recording • 5 Clips to help the user neatly position the car charger's cord in the car BENEFITS • Allows you to have proof of what happened during an event that requires evidence (eg.: car accident) • Lets you record videos and take photos of wonderful car moments (eg.: the view during a road trip) • Recorded media can be transferred to a computer via Micro SD Card • Easy to install PACKAGE CONTENTS • HD Mirror Cam • Rubber Strap Bands • Car charger • 5 Clips • 8GB Micro SD Card • User Manual
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    Platinum Fantastic Result

    FEATURES • Fantastic Care • Covers cars paintwork with a protective layer, making it resistant to all kinds of stains and grease • Maintains the vibrant color of car's paintwork • Protects car surface from damaging stains, grease, and scratches • Restores damaged surfaces of the car back to its original form • Works on wheel rims • Replaces all car cleaning shampoos, polish, and sealants with one application • Fantastic Clean • Cleans and cares for car upholstery and interior with instant results • Fantastic Protect • Covers windshields and windows with a resistant layer that ensures crystal vision from heavy rains or dirt stains BENEFITS • Instantly cleans and protects the surface of cars from all kinds of damaging stains and grease • Save money from expensive car wash and polish services • Save time and effort in tediously washing and polishing cars • Take out tough stains and dirt such as mud, bird stains, and insect residue with one wipe without damaging the paintwork • Cleans cars to a shiny polish with one application PACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Fantastic Care 500ml • 1 Fantastic Clean 100ml • 1 Fantastic Protect 100ml • 1 Microfiber cloth

    Regular Price: ₱1,995.00

    Special Price ₱1,495.00

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    Turbothrust Saw + Free Fast-X-Track

    FEATURES • Cut, grind, polish, sand, sharpen, engrave, rasp, rout, wood carver, precision drill, hole cut any kind of material • Cuts in any direction • Instantly transforms into a router, jigsaw, radial saw, circular saw and more • 400W & Single Speed of 20.000r.p.m BENEFITS • Perfect for hassle-free DIY home renovation • Cuts through different surfaces - drywall, flooring, plywood, plastic, metal, acrylic, laminate, ceramic tile, stone • Professional precision • Easy to use and easy to store PACKAGE CONTENTS • Turbothrust Saw • Straight Cutting guide • Circle Cutting guide • Chuck key, 16mm • Chuck, 4.76mm • Chuck, 3.2mm • Diamond Tile Rasp 25mm • Tile Cutter 3.2mm x 50mm • Diamond tile Hole Saw 25mm • Dry Wall/Plasterboard Bit 6.35mm • Wood & Multipurpose bit 6.35mm • Wood & Multipurpose bit 3.2mm x 3 units (Different types) • Wood & Multipurpose bit 4.8mm • Router Bit 6.35mm • Dust Removal vacuum Adapter • Plastic box for accessories storage • Workshop manual • Instructional Manual

    Regular Price: ₱5,999.00

    Special Price ₱3,995.00

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    Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000

    Cardio training on the Bowflex TreadClimber machine will not only help you lose weight, it can also help: Increase your energy level and make it easier to get through your day, increase your bone density and reduce your risk of osteoporosis! FEATURES • Speed range is 0.7-4.0 miles per hour; twelve resistance levels • Integrated wireless heart rate monitor provides feedback as you exercise and push your workout to the next level • Electronic functions include speed, distance, total steps, time, calories per minute, total calories, climb indicator, and heart rates BENEFITS • Just WALK and get a better workout in half the time with a TreadClimber cardio machine: better workout in half the time with a TreadClimber cardio machine • Burn up to 40% more calories than a stair climber • Get an intense cardio workout that's easy on your joints • Burn up to three and a half times the calories of treadmill at the same speed • Increase your energy level and make it easier to get through your day. • Increase your bone density and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. • Increase HDLs (the "good" cholesterol) and reduce your risk of heart disease. • Reduce back pain. • Increase your metabolism, reduce body fat and make you leaner

    Regular Price: ₱149,995.00

    Special Price ₱75,000.00

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    ASD Electrical Pressure Cooker

    Enjoy convenient and easy cooking with ASD Electrical Pressure Cooker! It has 13 pre-programmed dishes that you simply press once placing in all the ingredients. It also has an 8 liter capacity, making sure that there's enough for the family; that's big meals for any occasion with just one button! Get the most tender of meats, the most flavorful of broths, and the best dishes you could make in less the time to make them. FEATURES • 13 pre-programmed dishes • Multi-cooking functions – boil, braise, bake, steam, stir-fry, pressure cooking • Advanced heat technology – high heat and high pressure infuses flavors into food • Large 8L non-stick ceramic inner pot • 7 Safety features • Keep Warm function • Preset function – delay the start of cooking time BENEFITS • From best-selling brand in Asia • Convenience in cooking – put all your ingredients in and cook meals with one press of a button (13 pre-programmed dishes) • Versatile “one-pot cooking” – cook many ways with the ASD (multi-cooking functions) • Tastier food – flavors fully infused in food due to high heat and high pressure • Serves more – 8L capacity bigger than common cookers • Safe to use • Enjoy warm meals hours after cooking • Set schedule for meals PACKAGE CONTENTS • 1x ASD Electric Pressure Cooker • 1x Manual • 1x Ladle • 1x Steam rack • 1x Spatula • 1x Measuring cup

    Regular Price: ₱6,995.00

    Special Price ₱4,995.00

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    Powerfit Compact

    FEATURES • Built-in computer with counter • Remote control so you don't have to bend down • 99 speed levels customize your workout so it never gets boring • Power bands for toned arms and upper body • Sitting or standing with your feet together = Walking • Standing with your feet slightly apart = Jogging • Standing with your feet apart = Running BENEFITS • Generates oscillatory movements for an accelerated training making muscles contract up to 50 times per second • Burns fat and lose weight faster and safer • Protects joints, bones and muscles with no jarring PACKAGE CONTENTS • Powerfit Platform • Manual • Power bands • Remote Control

    Regular Price: ₱9,995.00

    Special Price ₱8,995.00

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    Power Shake Board

    It only takes 10 minutes a day to shake the belly away. With the all new Power Shake Board, all you need to do is stand (or sit) on the vibration machine, and then shake your way to a fitter, healthier you. FEATURES • Built-in computer with counter • Adjustable vibrating speed • Anti-slip rubber • User friendly display • Quiet and powerful motor • Remote control so you don’t have to bend down • Power bands for toned arms and upper body • Sitting or standing with your feet together = Walking • Standing with your feet slightly apart = Jogging • Standing with your feet apart = Running BENEFITS • Decrease stress • Increase core strength • Relieve Joint and back pain • Improve circulation • Develop strong bones • Gain mobility and flexibility PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Motor 180W • Max Loading 120kgs • Default working time 10 minutes • 100% New ABS material, purity rubber and solid structure PACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 x vibration machine • 1 x Manual • 2 x detachable resistance band • 1 x remote control

    Regular Price: ₱8,995.00

    Special Price ₱5,995.00


7 Item(s)