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Pearl Pro

Quick Overview

• 2 Types of Hair Removal Technology
• Thermogenic technology
• Crystallizes unwanted hair and gets rid of them;
• Transmitted through
• 2 types of detachable tips:
• Small Tip Used for small areas (eg.: Face, armpits, bikini line)
• Large Tip Used for larger areas (eg.: Legs, arms)
• Electrolysis technology
• Slows down hair growth;
• Uses the Electrolysis Roller: Microcurrent-transmitting roller that sends electrical currents into the hair follicles and damages hair root
• 9 Different Settings
• Made through a combination of LOW/MED/HIGH Microcurrent Level (refers to current which damages hair root) and LOW/MED/HIGH Temperature Control (refers to heat)
• Teeth Where small/large tip is attached
• Adjustment button: Used to browse through different settings
• Select button: Used to select the preferred setting
• LCD screen: Used to see battery level, what settings are being used, and if tip is properly attached
• Visibility enhancement LED; Power Indication LED
• Lights to know that it is switched on On/Off button

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Get rid of unwanted hair with the Thermogenic and Electrolysis Technology of Pearl Pro! It's painless, safe for the skin, and can be brought anywhere you go!
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