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  1. Cheong Kwan Jang Extract + Renesse Candy 240 Grams

    BENEFITS: • Boosting Stamina • Supporting Metabolism and the Circulatory System • Calming the Nerves. • Supporting Healthy Lung Functions • Supporting the Spleen and Stomach • Detoxification • Improving Skin Condition (Anti-Aging Functions)PRODUCT CONTENTS / INGREDIENTS • Red Ginseng extract 21% • Purified Water • Agave Syrup • Fructoologosaccharide • Licorice extract • Ginger syrup concentrate • PropolisDOSAGE, ADMINISTRATION AND CAUTIONS • Every Time Extract (10mL x 30 pouches) • 100% Korean red ginseng extract is mixed with purified water and conveniently packaged in stick pouch for easy portability. • Each pouch contains daily recommended dose of Korean red ginseng (3g) with all the active ingredients preserved. • Suggested Use: Individuals 15 years and older, take 1 packet daily. Children 3-15 years may take half the adult servingDOSAGE, ADMINISTRATION AND CAUTIONS: • EveryTime Extract Everytime 50 (10mL x 30 pouches) • 100% Korean red ginseng extract is mixed with purified water and conveniently packaged in stick pouch for easy portability • Each pouch contains daily recommended dose of Korean red ginseng (3g) with all the active ingredients preserved • Suggested Use: Individuals 15 years and older, take 1 packet daily. Children 3-15 years may take half the adult serving STORAGE: • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use right after opening, or the product may deteriorate.
  2. Kitchenwell Double Sided Pan (Red Wine)

    FEATURES: • Magnetic lock on the Handles, ensuring that your pan is sealed well. • Interior coating has a 6-Layer Marble Stone Coating • Exterior Coating has a 2-Layer Marble Stone Coating. • The coating also gives a nonstick feature, making the flipping of your food hassle-free. • Has a silicone gasket that that will reduce the unwanted smell and smoke. • Has a Built-in tray that prevents oil or moisture from dripping onto the stove or any other surface.BENEFITS: • Protects you from the oil that may splatter around during cooking. • Makes flipping your food not only easy, but also convenient. • Gives an oven effect because of the seal, preserving the flavor inside. • Reduces unwanted smell and smoke while cooking. • The marble coating, unlike regular non-stick pans, lessens the risk of toxic chemicals from entering your food.PACKAGE CONTENTS : • 1 pc Double Sided Fry Pan FREEBIES: • 1 pc Extra Silicone Gasket
  3. Ecoramic Pots And Pans Set

    Benefits: • Cooks evenly so no burnt food. • Food is healthier because of less need of oil. • Safe for family use as it has no harmful chemicals. • Long-lasting Surface. • High heat conductivity and even heat distribution. • Adds color to kitchen and dining room. • Non-Stick coating provides long lasting superior • Glass lids prevent to overflow • In and outside 5 layered eco- friendly ceramic coating • The material use in organic mineral that help to cook hygienically and safelyFeatures: • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Color-coded Pots • Anti-corrosion, Anti-stick, Anti-scratch • PFOA(Perfluorooctanoic acid), Cadmium, Lead FREE • Over 35 micron coating thickness • Easy grip handle • Easy to clean • Non-Stick performancePACKAGE CONTENTS : • Stone Pink: 16cm casserole type, 18cm sauce type, 20cm casserole type and 22cm sauce type pan FREEBIES: • 18cm Fry Pan, 20 cm pan and Silicon Handle for 1 only MATERIALS: • Body : Aluminum Die-Casting Coated with Stone • Glass lid : Tempered glass cover
  4. Magic Saw

    FEATURES: • Magic Saw blade cuts wood, metal and plastic • Diamond saw blade cuts glass, tile, ceramic, marble, concrete, & rock • Diamond grind blade lets you sharpen small tools/knives and its also great for sanding/polishing any materials • Flat saw blade lets you cut large oversized wood that is thicker than the Magic Saw frame • Flat saw with spring-pin also can be installed in 3 directions after removing the stainless steel frame, and it can be used for plywood or wooden material cutting • Tungsten carbide roller tip allows you to cut glass and tile by scrollingBENEFITS • It can use for cutting wooden materials and metal at the same time without changing blade • It is widely used in construction, decoration, handicraft, advertising, pruning fruit trees and other industries as well as hiking fishing and other otdoor leisure activities
  5. Dazzi Magic Touch

    FEATURES: • Advanced Nano Technology ? It features abrasives that polishes, lubricates and mineralizes the surface of the car to effectively remove scratches and stains. • Multiple Repair Functions - The cleaning cloth powerfully repairs and removes various surface damages such as scratches, guano, colloid, paint oxidation, asphalt, rust, and dirt. • Compatible with all car types and colorsBENEFITS • Restore car color and protect painted surfaces • Quickly polish and restore the color of your vehicle • Easy to use - anyone can use to repair the damaged surface of the car • Save money from expensive car repair shops • Save time; no need to bring your car to repair shopsPACKAGE CONTENTS : • 2 pcs Car Scratch Remover Cloth • 2 pcs Car Polish ClothFREEBIES: • 1 pc Towel • 1 pc Gloves HOW TO USE: • Clean and dry the damaged surface. • Wear the gloves and wipe the smart towel on the damaged surface. • Clean the surface with the polish cloth.
  6. Dazzi Multi Cube

    FEATURES: • 1 x safety cover and V-shaped blade fixed universal cube (body) • 1 x safety holder • 1 x exclusive enclosure (1500ml) + 1 x freshness lid • 1 x chopping blade + 1 x safety cover • 1 x slicer blade + 1 x safety cover • 1 x dicing blade (¼ ""x ¼"" / ½ ""x ½"") + 1 x dicing punch + 1 x block pin (for cleaning) + 1x cover • 1 x circular blade fixing socket • 1 x long cutter round blade • 1 x long slicing circular blade • 1 x User ManualBENEFITS: • chop vegetables within seconds without the hassle • Various slicing (slice), chopping and dicing are necessary for cooking. • The four sides of the cutting method, the various types of slicing, chopping and dicing • 1500ml special sealing material is used for cooking and the remaining material is kept fresh in a special container • It is economical to minimize the food waste by storing the cooking material in a sealed container for cutting • The blade can be easily separated and cleaned, and the body can be stored upright, maximizing hygienic and space efficiency • High quality stainless steel blade for long and safe use • All-round cube Each corner (8 total) has a soft base to prevent slipping during use
  7. Stravan Air Fryer 3L

    FEATURES: • Removable frying basket with Teflon non-stick coating • Adjustable temperature control (80-200 Centigrade) • Heating indicator • Removable and heat insulation handle for frying basket • Automatic shut-off with ready alert • Prevent slip feet BENEFITS: • Low-fat meals • Easy clean up • Uses hot-air circulation, the air fryer cooks your ingredients from all angles- with no oil needed • This ultimately produces healthier foods than most fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried foods in your home.
  8. Wonder Hurricane

    FEATURES: • Has strong vibrations • Increasing Hot Function • Has a total of Four different vibration modes • Auto Timer FunctionBENEFITS: • For those who just gave birth and want their abdominal area to go back to how it was before. • Those who want their summer body • Those who want abdominal massages for full-time-sitting workers. • Individuals who are Obese or those who drink Beer a lot. • Elderlies with bad hips. • Individuals with stiff shoulders due to stress. • Individuals who want to relieve the tension on their muscles after a work out. • Individuals who feel that sit-ups, hula-hoops, and treadmills are too hard for them.
  9. Squat King + 2 Ropes

    FEATURES: • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN - With sturdy construction, the squat machine is stable and durable enough for long time use • Perfect to exercise in office or home • The black foam is comfortable and soft, and it does not rub the feet, which greatly protects the feet from injury • 6 Levels Height Adjustable up to 5.5": The height of front pole can be adjusted up to 5.5 • Before exercise, the calf should be closed to the high elastic black foam for protection, and the height of the footrest foam can be adjusted according to the height of the foot • Unique Construction for Extra Exercise: There are two small circles at the front of the squat machine, which can be used for rope exercise. You can also do exercise with rope or dumbbell • 3 exercises in 1 compact machine for Deep Sissy Squat, Sit-ups, Push-ups, suitable for home gym • The pole has 6-level heights that can be adjusted according to your height • Support 220 lbs, Durable steel construction • Build abdomen and leg strength and keep healthy • Maximum weight of user 220lbsBENEFITS: • It help to build muscle • It burn calories fast • It help improve flexibilty • It help stregthen the lungs and heart • It provide appropriate physical exercise for the abdomen, buttocks and legs • It targeted the quadriceps and gluteal muscle and strengthen the knee and hip joints • This machine will help you achieve a near perfect freestanding squat by keeping your legs perfectly vertical • It maintain perfect squat posture
  10. Splenda Bundle 2 ( 3Pcs)

    FEATURES: • 600 times sweeter than sugar • Can be used for either cooking and baking due to it being heat-stable • It has no bitter aftertaste • It has a long shelf life (shelf-stable)BENEFITS: • Suitable for everyone, from children to Diabetics, and pregnant ladies • Since the body doesnt recognize it as a carbohydrate, it has lesser/no calories compared to sugar • It leaves the body within 24 hours after consumption


Items 1 to 10 of 16 total