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Miami Life

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Quick Overview

• Special rubber rope loop suspension.
• Side pads in place to cover the spring system
• Adjustable Handle
• Adaptable to body
• Solid strong frame made from anodized steel
• Support legs with anti-slip lining for a secure stand
• Welded feet for stability
• Optimal bounce without unwanted noise
• Guaranteed and certified safe by the European safety standards

• A full-body workout that its FUN, FAST, EASY, and EFFECTIVE
• Low-impact anti-gravity cardio workout therefore joints are less prone to strain and injury versus pavement-pounding, making it safe compared to other forms of exercise
• Trampoline exercise boosts the cardio and improves balance better than 30 minutes of running
• Engages 400 muscles each workout and makes you burn up to 1200 calories per hour
• A more fun way to effectively slim down and firm up your arms, legs, hips and thighs
• 10 mins of Trampoline Exercise is equivalent to 30 mins of jogging or 1 hour of ordinary working out in the gym
• Tones your muscles, building it and promotes balance, coordination and flexibility in your body
• Target specific muscle groups for precise body sculpting
• Engages all muscle groups as it gives an explosive full-body workout increasing your strength and endurance and improving functions of various body parts
• Helps in enhancing blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and reducing the risk of developing heart disorders
• Ultimately conditions the body to overcome fatigue, build stamina and reach total physical potential
• Promotes healthier lymphatic circulation by which bacteria, abnormal cells and other toxic matter are filtered out of the body, thus boosting the immune system and stimulating faster recovery.

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Get to working out in a fun and fast-paced way on your Miami Life fitness trampoline with Miami Life DVD Advanced! Follow routines, watch demonstrations, and have your own TV companion while working to lose weight!

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