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Light Bar Set of 2

SKU: 602129

Quick Overview

• 60 LED lights last 10,000 hours of use
• 2 modes: Bright (everyday use); Insane (720 lumens; visible up to 2 miles away)
• Automatic sensor
• Light Bar lights up when it is dark
• Built-in foldable stand
• Pull-out handle

• Bright
• Portable
• Can be used as a flashlight
• Rechargeable
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Perfect for the closet, desk, workshop
• Great for backyard barbecues, camping, fixing the hood of the car
• Can be used as a backup/spare light during blackouts

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Illuminate your surroundings anytime, anywhere with Light Bar! It's wireless, easy to use, automatic, and the 60 led lights can last to up to 10,000 hours per use!