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Insta Life (Set of 2)

SKU: 0056838

Quick Overview

• Acupressure pad
• Unisex
• Adjustable, easy to attach and detach.
• One size fits all

• Clinically proven up to 80% effective in helping to relieve back pain, sciatica or piroformis syndrome after just one use.
• Helps relieve discomfort in your lower back, along your sciatic nerve down to the buttocks and lower legs.
• Provides gentle targeted compression to the key Acupressure Point at the centre of the Calf Muscle
• Simple, discreet, quick and natural relief anywhere, anytime

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Kiss lower body pain goodbye with Insta Life! This set of 2 accupressure pad intercepts the pain before it radiates up and down your body, making sure it doesn't hinder your active life at all!