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Fridge Fresh

SKU: 602041

Quick Overview

• Stainless steel ventilation system, which releases Activated Oxygen (O3)
• Activated Oxygen: a powerful, natural cleansing agent that neutralizes Ethylene gas
• Ethylene gas: a natural plant hormone released by fruits and vegetables that speeds up the ripening and rotting of food
• LED light, which signals device mode
• (Green Generating O3; Blinking Standby mode; Red Replace batteries)

• Keeps vegetables and fruits fresh up to three times longer than normal (on average)
• Extends the life of fresh produce
• Preserves the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and other food
• Neutralizes mold, yeast, fungus, and other microbes
• Limits food waste
• Reduces fridge odors
• All natural cleaning solution
• Works without bags, wraps, or plastic containers
• Convenient, compact, and lightweight
• Battery-operated
• No maintenance required

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Fridge Fresh is the long-term solution for a fresh fridge!This device oxygenates, cleans, and reinvigorates the produce you store in your fridge, extending both its life and freshness, while preserving the nutritional benefits.
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