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Eagle Eyes Pano-Vu

SKU: 601457

Quick Overview

• Developed from original NASA Optic Technology
• Uses Trilenium Lens Technology that offers triple filter polarization from UVA, UBV and Blue -Light
• 2x Scratch Guard
• Highest quality semi - rimless frame material
• Grimalind TR-90
• Spring hinges and adjustable nose pads

• Blocks out Vision - Destroying light (Pano-vu for day use)
• Allows in Vision -Enhancing Light ( Stimulants for low light use)
• Gives more clarity and contrast
• 99% UVA and UVB Protection ? Optimum Vision -Enhancement

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Protect your eyes while on the go with Eagle Eyes Pano-vu! Its NASA optic technology helps filter out vision destroying light while allowing vision enhancing light in. An eye-loving fashion statement indeed!