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HD Mirror Cam

SKU: 601868

Quick Overview

• A camera that records HD (high definition) 720P videos, and HD photos
• 350-degree wide-angle rotating camera for recording in different angles
• 8GB Micro SD Card to store recorded media, and transfer to computers
• Micro SD slot, which can read Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB * Note that only 8GB Micro SD is included in package
• Built-in microphone and speaker to record audio, and playback videos with audio
• LCD Screen on rear-view mirror to view media recorded
• Auto-delete function, which deletes oldest media when memory card is full
• Power button, to turn device off or on
• Mode button, which lets the user choose operating mode (ie. Video, Photo, Audio recording, Playback) A button, which allows device to capture still photos while recording videos
• Motion detection mode, which lets the device record videos when motion is detected
• Rubber strap bands to easily attach device on the cars rear-view mirror
• Micro USB Charging Port, and car charger, for charging the device * Micro SD Card must be inserted, and car charger must be connected, in order to start recording
• 5 Clips to help the user neatly position the car charger's cord in the car

• Allows you to have proof of what happened during an event that requires evidence (eg.: car accident)
• Lets you record videos and take photos of wonderful car moments (eg.: the view during a road trip)
• Recorded media can be transferred to a computer via Micro SD Card
• Easy to install

• HD Mirror Cam
• Rubber Strap Bands
• Car charger
• 5 Clips
• 8GB Micro SD Card
• User Manual

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A rear view mirror and dash cam in one, the HD Mirror Cam can be attached to your car?s existing rear-view mirror! Now, you can record and view without blocking too much of your windshield.
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