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    FEATURES: • Backright is the 10-minute solution to a lifetime of back problems. • Backright creates a gentle movement between the vertebrae, stretching the muscles that connect to and control the spine. • These movements are critical to bringing nutrients to the disc (soft pad positioned in between each of the vertebrae)BENEFITS: • It gently releases tight muscles, opens locked and compressed vertebral joints, helps naturally stretch out and align the spine and relieves discomfort quickly and effectively even with people who have chronic back problems.

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  2. Bluactiv

    FEATURES • Scientifically proven phototherapy technology • Small & Portable • No chemicals • Non irritantBENEFITS • Reduces acne, spots, blemishes, breakouts in less than 24 hours • Painless • Kills pimple forming bacteria • Keeps skin clear & radiant • Doesn't dry skin • Helps improve the appearance of skin • Saves money on dermatology and expensive skin creamsPACKAGE CONTENTS • BluActiv Pen • 1 AA Battery • 1 User Guide
  3. Cellucavit

    FEATURES: • Ultracavitation system that reduces fat • Tightens skin • LED function improves health and appearance of the skin • Both functions can be used simultaneously or separately • Ultracavitation • abdomen, thighs, calves, arms, hips, waist • LED Light Therapy • Facial area, abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, waist • Eliminate fat depositsBENEFITS: • Helps improve skin tone and elasticity • Reduce cellulite • Body lifting effect • Increase circulation • Diminish early stretch marks • Helps reduce inches in the treated area
  4. Click & Care

    FEATURES: • Button/Clicker to activate the pen • Quartz crystals, which provide Piezoelectric Therapy, when pen is clicked -They create pulses and release endorphins in the body to relieve painBENEFITS: • Relieves pain (ie. Joint pain, back pain, sciatica, etc.) • Takes effect in under a minute; About 30-40 clicks • No maximum number of clicks • Works through light clothing • Easy to store • Portable; Can be used anytime and anywhere • Natural; No chemicals or drugs involved • No electricity or batteries requiredPACKAGE CONTENTS: • Click & Care • Instruction Manual • Acupuncture Guide
  5. Dermaclarex

    FEATURES • A complete and effective skin care system Made from botanical extracts • 90% effective based on clinical study • 95% of participants confirm eye-bag reduction • 85% of participants confirm dark spot reduction • See results in 28 days • Dermaclarex Brightening Face Cream 30g • De-pigments discoloration on face • Clears dark spots caused by age, pregnancy, sun exposure, and hormonal changes • Dermaclarex Nourishing Face Cream 30g with sunscreen • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin • Gives a fresh and youthful glow • Formulated with Kojic and Alpha Arbutin for skin lightening • Has natural extracts that prevent premature aging • Dermaclarex Sunscreen 30g (SPF 50) • Hydrates and protects the skin from sun damage • Blocks UV rays to prevent redness and sunburnBENEFITS • Get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation • Achieve even skin tone • Prevent further skin damage from the sun • Gentle formula, safe for all skin types • Guaranteed effective • Prevent formation of dark spots and discoloration • No need for thick makeup to hide discoloration on face • Feel and look youngerPACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Dermaclarex Brightening Face Cream 30g • 1 Dermaclarex Nourishing Face Cream 30g with sunscreenFREEBIE • 1 Dermaclarex Sunscreen 30g with SPF 50
  6. Dr-Ho's Circulation Promoter

    FEATURES • Combination of TENS, EMS & Randomized frequency Waves • Clinically proven results • Three Therapeutic ResultsBENEFITS • Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter frequency constantly changes so that the body can't get used to the sensation ,optimizing stimulation ,penetration and significant pain relief • Clinically proven to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation • Three Therapeutic modes to choose from based on your comfort level. Suitable for even the most sensitive patient with adjustable modes and intensity dial. Timer also has 3 options for auto shut off ability • Treatment for Sciatica • Dr Ho's Circulation Promoter is great for anyone with: Diabetic Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica (best treatment for sciatica), Leg and Feet Pain, Numbness, Tired or sore feetPACKAGE CONTENTS • Dr-Ho's Circulation Promoter • Black Dr-Ho's bag • Pain Therapy Device • Mini Water Bottle Spray • Treatment Bag • Adhesive Pads • Flextone Pads • Owner's Manual • Electrode Pads with Wire Set and Gel Pad Storage Tray • Portable Pain Therapy System Foot Relief Massage Pads • Instructional and Rehabilitation Exercise DVD by Dr-Ho
  7. Dr-Ho's Pain Therapy System

    FEATURES • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) +EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) + Pulse Massager Unit • Automatic timer • Foot relief massage pads • Electrode wire sets with gel padsBENEFITS • Significantly relieves pain in just 20 minutes • Reduces muscle tension and spasms • Increase tissue oxygenation and body circulation • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator • Powerful and comfortable • Safe (even for people under medication ), easy-to-use and portablePACKAGE CONTENTS • 4 x Pad System • 1 x Placement Chart • 1 x Pair of Foot Relief Pads • 2 x Protective Case • 1 x Lightweight Therapy Travel Bag • 2 x Extra Flextime Pads • 4 x Extra Massage Pads • 1 x Instructional DVD
  8. Jeju Aloe Ice

    FEATURES • Enhanced & instant cooling effect (product can be frozen): product melts upon application on skin, cooling skin that has been heated from sun exposure • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract from pristine Jeju Island: soothing + moisturizing + anti-bacteria effects • 3-in-1 benefits moisturizing + soothing + coolingBENEFITS • Moisturize skin • Makes skin super smooth soft and supple. • Provides good hydration, good for all skin types • Feels extremely smoothing and refreshing • Adds healthy texture to the skin.PACKAGE CONTENTS • If you buy 3 Jeju Aloe you will take 2 Jeju Aloe IceFREEBIES: • 5 Free Facial Mask
  9. Pearl Pro

    FEATURES: • 2 Types of Hair Removal Technology • Thermogenic technology • Crystallizes unwanted hair and gets rid of them; • Transmitted through • 2 types of detachable tips: • Small Tip Used for small areas (eg.: Face, armpits, bikini line) • Large Tip Used for larger areas (eg.: Legs, arms) • Electrolysis technology • Slows down hair growth; • Uses the Electrolysis Roller: Microcurrent-transmitting roller that sends electrical currents into the hair follicles and damages hair root • 9 Different Settings • Made through a combination of LOW/MED/HIGH Microcurrent Level (refers to current which damages hair root) and LOW/MED/HIGH Temperature Control (refers to heat) • Teeth Where small/large tip is attached • Adjustment button: Used to browse through different settings • Select button: Used to select the preferred setting • LCD screen: Used to see battery level, what settings are being used, and if tip is properly attached • Visibility enhancement LED; Power Indication LED • Lights to know that it is switched on On/Off button
  10. RxGenesys Stem Cell System

    FEATURES • Clinically proven and designed by American plastic surgeon • Time-tested ingredients • Unique stem cell extract • Uses professional grade ingredientsBENEFITS • 7 dimensions of aging • Reveals skin's natural healthy glow • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 56% in 8 weeks • Improve skin texture and elasticity • Fight free radical damage • Deeply hydrates skin at the molecular level • Fights premature • Improves skin's ability to retain moisture • Smooths, plumps & hydratesPACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Rx Cleanser (100ml) : Soothing Cleanser with Green Tea • 1 Rx Moisturizer (50ml) : Nourishing Face Crème • 1 Rx Illuminator (30ml): Radiance Renewal Crème • 1 Rx Vital (30ml) : Revitalizing Serum


Items 1 to 10 of 17 total