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  1. Dash Cam Pro With Sony 16GB SD Card

    FEATURES • Full HD 120 Wide Angle Video • Audio and Video Recorder • Pivot Mount • Auto-adjust from dark to light • Instant view screen • Motion Detection • Image stabilization • Time/Date stamp • Picture Mode • Start upon ignition • Up to 14 hours endless loop recording time • Built-in LED Lights • Built-in Rechargeable Battery • Supports SD/MMC Card up to 32GB (NOT INCLUDED)BENEFITS • Instant playback of recorded videos • Capture and record road accidents • Capture scenic routes on your next road tripPACKAGE CONTENTS • 16GB SD CARD
  2. Easy Climber

    FEATURES: • Perfect for carrying groceries or laundry from across the parking lot or up your apartment • Use it for lifting in office, apartments, or on vacation • Portable and easy to • Durable cart for heavy lifting • 6-wheel rotational design that grabs and climbs stairs • Always has 4 wheels on the ground for balance and stability • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor use • Easily folds up • Durable custom carrier attaches in second • Can be used on any terrain - outside stairs , inside stairs, steep inclines, soft surfaces, rises, slabs, and curbsBENEFITS: • Carries load and does heavy lifting for user • Can be used on any terrain or platform • Can carry oversized loads • Avoid straining your back from heavy lifting • Easily carry heavy items while going up the stairs • Carry multiple items at once • Perfect for carrying groceries or laundry from across the parking lot or up your apartment • Use it for lifting in office, apartments, or on vacation • Portable and easy to storePACKAGE CONTENTS: • (1) 6-wheel Easy Climber cart • (1) Durable carrier that attaches to Easy Climber
  3. HD Mirror Cam

    FEATURES • A camera that records HD (high definition) 720P videos, and HD photos • 350-degree wide-angle rotating camera for recording in different angles • 8GB Micro SD Card to store recorded media, and transfer to computers • Micro SD slot, which can read Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB * Note that only 8GB Micro SD is included in package • Built-in microphone and speaker to record audio, and playback videos with audio • LCD Screen on rear-view mirror to view media recorded • Auto-delete function, which deletes oldest media when memory card is full • Power button, to turn device off or on • Mode button, which lets the user choose operating mode (ie. Video, Photo, Audio recording, Playback) A button, which allows device to capture still photos while recording videos • Motion detection mode, which lets the device record videos when motion is detected • Rubber strap bands to easily attach device on the cars rear-view mirror • Micro USB Charging Port, and car charger, for charging the device * Micro SD Card must be inserted, and car charger must be connected, in order to start recording • 5 Clips to help the user neatly position the car charger's cord in the carBENEFITS • Allows you to have proof of what happened during an event that requires evidence (eg.: car accident) • Lets you record videos and take photos of wonderful car moments (eg.: the view during a road trip) • Recorded media can be transferred to a computer via Micro SD Card • Easy to installPACKAGE CONTENTS • HD Mirror Cam • Rubber Strap Bands • Car charger • 5 Clips • 8GB Micro SD Card • User Manual
  4. -25%

    Platinum Fantastic Result

    FEATURES: • Fantastic Care • Covers cars paintwork with a protective layer, making it resistant to all kinds of stains and grease • Maintains the vibrant color of car's paintwork • Protects car surface from damaging stains, grease, and scratches • Restores damaged surfaces of the car back to its original form • Works on wheel rims • Replaces all car cleaning shampoos, polish, and sealants with one application • Fantastic Clean • Cleans and cares for car upholstery and interior with instant results • Fantastic Protect • Covers windshields and windows with a resistant layer that ensures crystal vision from heavy rains or dirt stainsBENEFITS: • Instantly cleans and protects the surface of cars from all kinds of damaging stains and grease • Save money from expensive car wash and polish services • Save time and effort in tediously washing and polishing cars • Take out tough stains and dirt such as mud, bird stains, and insect residue with one wipe without damaging the paintwork • Cleans cars to a shiny polish with one applicationPACKAGE CONTENTS: • 1 Fantastic Care 500ml • 1 Fantastic Clean 100ml • 1 Fantastic Protect 100ml • 1 Microfiber cloth

    Regular Price: ₱1,995.00

    Special Price ₱1,495.00

  5. Tim & Brown Wireless Hammer Drill Set

    FEATURES: • 15+2 Position (Hammer Function) that can break through tougher materials. • 2 Speed Switches that allow for smooth pilot drilling followed by rapid drilling. • Integrated LED light for improved visibility. • Has 18V power capacity, making it stronger and suitable for heavy duty drilling. • Has a 1,500mAh battery, making the usage time long-lasting. • Battery indicator that lets you know when to recharge or when it has charged fully. • USB Power port • Screwdriver Set • Torque adjustment ring which is suitable with small screws and more precision jobs. • Sleeve chuck that makes it easy to changes bits in the middle of a job. • Twistable handle that makes it easy to get into tight spots • LED Flashlight that can be found at the base of the tool.
    BENEFITS: • Handy and portable, can be used anywhere and by anyone. (Male or Female) • Easy and safe to use. • Helps you save money by not needing to call a third party for help with installation • Easily helps you do any repair work neededPACKAGE CONTENTS: • Hammer Drill Set • Cordless Hammer Drill Body • Lithium-Ion 1,500mAh Battery • 1 Hour Fast Charger • Premium Hard Case • User Manual • Accessories: Flexible Bit, 3 pcs Concrete Bits, 6 pcs Driver Bits, 6 pcs Drill Bits , 1 pc 60mm Bit Holder, 1 pc Bit CaseFREEBIES: • Screwdriver Set • Screwdriver Body • USB Interface for Charger • Premium Hard Case • User Manual • Accessories: 3 pcs 50mm Slot Bit, 3 pcs 50mm Phillips Bits, 6 pcs Driver Bits, 6 pcs Drill Bits , 1 pc 60mm Bit Holder, 1 pc Bit Case
  6. -33%

    Turbothrust Saw + Free Fast-X-Track

    FEATURES • Cut, grind, polish, sand, sharpen, engrave, rasp, rout, wood carver, precision drill, hole cut any kind of material • Cuts in any direction • Instantly transforms into a router, jigsaw, radial saw, circular saw and more • 400W & Single Speed of 20.000r.p.mBENEFITS • Perfect for hassle-free DIY home renovation • Cuts through different surfaces - drywall, flooring, plywood, plastic, metal, acrylic, laminate, ceramic tile, stone • Professional precision • Easy to use and easy to storePACKAGE CONTENTS • Turbothrust Saw • Straight Cutting guide • Circle Cutting guide • Chuck key, 16mm • Chuck, 4.76mm • Chuck, 3.2mm • Diamond Tile Rasp 25mm • Tile Cutter 3.2mm x 50mm • Diamond tile Hole Saw 25mm • Dry Wall/Plasterboard Bit 6.35mm • Wood & Multipurpose bit 6.35mm • Wood & Multipurpose bit 3.2mm x 3 units (Different types) • Wood & Multipurpose bit 4.8mm • Router Bit 6.35mm • Dust Removal vacuum Adapter • Plastic box for accessories storage • Workshop manual • Instructional Manual

    Regular Price: ₱5,999.00

    Special Price ₱3,995.00

  7. Vibrarazer Pro Series

    FEATURES • 22 oscillations per minute • Dust extraction system • Uses a hose for extracting dust and residue which keeps it from accumulating • Works on wood, metal, plastic, sheet rock, carpet, ceramic tile, and more • Cuts, grinds, scrapes, and sands almost any materialBENEFITS • Renovate your home like a pro • Lightweight and easy to handle • Make precise cuts • Save money from hiring contractors and renovation services • Safe to usePACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Vibrarazer Renovating Tool • 1 Scraping blade • 1 Semi circle carbide blade • 1 Black steel E-cut blade (Straight tooth) • 1 Dust attachment • 1 Super Sanding Set - 3 pcs 60 grit sanding paper - 3 pcs 80 grit sanding paper - 3 pcs 120 grit sanding paper - 1 Buffer pad - 1 Delta sanding pad • 1 Spanner • 1 Carry case • 1 Instruction manual
  8. 20-Minute Dental White (Set of 2)

    FEATURES • Complete teeth whitening system • Clinically proven to whiten teeth effectively • Whitens teeth up to 8 shades in 20 minutes • Provides oxygen action deep cleansing that breaks up stains on teeth • LED Light speeds up whitening • Achieve full results in 3 daysBENEFITS • Instant DIY LED teeth whitening kit. • Achieve dramatic whitening results • Removes years of coffee, wine, & smoking stains • Gain confidence with a brighter smile • Improve appearance with whiter teeth • Have dentist whitening technology at home • No lengthy and expensive dentist procedures • Feel no pain or no sensitivity from teeth whitening treatmentPACKAGE CONTENTS: • 1 Set of 20-Minute Dental White • Mouth tray • Whitening pen • 2 Vitamin E swabs • LED accelerator light • Whitening gel syringe
  9. Bluactiv

    FEATURES • Scientifically proven phototherapy technology • Small & Portable • No chemicals • Non irritantBENEFITS • Reduces acne, spots, blemishes, breakouts in less than 24 hours • Painless • Kills pimple forming bacteria • Keeps skin clear & radiant • Doesn't dry skin • Helps improve the appearance of skin • Saves money on dermatology and expensive skin creamsPACKAGE CONTENTS • BluActiv Pen • 1 AA Battery • 1 User Guide
  10. Curl Girl

    FEATURES • Ceramic brush and full bristles curl tight lock in style,leaving hair shiny,smooth ,and full body • Vented brush heads keep your hair cool and dry quickly to lock in style • Ceramic coating minimizes frizz and flyaways BENEFITS • Works with all types of hair • It smoothes wavy hair and adds body to straight hairPACKAGE CONTENTS • 2 Small Brush Barrels • 4 Medium Brush Barrels • 2 Large Brush Barrels • Instruction Manual • Handle • 8 Clips • Case


Items 1 to 10 of 410 total