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  1. Easy Climber

    FEATURES: • Perfect for carrying groceries or laundry from across the parking lot or up your apartment • Use it for lifting in office, apartments, or on vacation • Portable and easy to • Durable cart for heavy lifting • 6-wheel rotational design that grabs and climbs stairs • Always has 4 wheels on the ground for balance and stability • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor use • Easily folds up • Durable custom carrier attaches in second • Can be used on any terrain - outside stairs , inside stairs, steep inclines, soft surfaces, rises, slabs, and curbs BENEFITS: • Carries load and does heavy lifting for user • Can be used on any terrain or platform • Can carry oversized loads • Avoid straining your back from heavy lifting • Easily carry heavy items while going up the stairs • Carry multiple items at once • Perfect for carrying groceries or laundry from across the parking lot or up your apartment • Use it for lifting in office, apartments, or on vacation • Portable and easy to store PACKAGE CONTENTS: • (1) 6-wheel Easy Climber cart • (1) Durable carrier that attaches to Easy Climber
  2. Dr-Ho's Massage Insoles (Set of 2)

    FEATURES: • Provides relief for knee, ankle, and foot pain. • Also provides relief for back pain and hip pain. • Helps stimulate the nerves on the sole of the foot. • Can be worn with casual shoes, sneakers and even dress shoes for all-day comfort while walking, working or standing. BENEFITS: • Comfortable Self-contouring support • Pressure absorbing massage cones • Over 100 air pockets to help absorb pressure on feet. • Reversible • Anti-pressure and massager • Unisex fit. • Shock absorbing heel plate Helps reduce impact caused during heel strike"
  3. Aqua Tru Minerals (90AT01ATATM01)

    FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Natural ionic minerals from Great Salt Lake, Utah • Alkalizes water with a few drops • Suggested use: 5-6 drops per 8oz glass of purified water or 15-20 drops per tank of clean water • Alkaline water prevents acid reflux, stomach pain, aching joints, headaches
  4. -40%

    Aqua Tru Ro Filter (24 Mos) (U10AT01ROF01)

    FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Lifetime of 2 years or 1,200 gallons of water (Whichever comes first) • Reduces impurities from water down to 1/10,000 of a micron. Reduces arsenic lead, parasitic cyst, copper, etc

    Regular Price: ₱3,995.00

    Special Price ₱2,395.00

  5. Mold Away (Set of 2)

    FEATURES: • Superior gel formula with advanced nano technology that uses nano silver, penetrates deep inside seals • Eliminates mold at its roots • Kills 99.9% of bacteria caused by molds • Effective on silicon, tiles, tubs, toiles, walls, wallpapers, furniture, sinks, bathrooms, and more • Apply gel on mold and leave for 30 minutes to clear the contaminated surface • For tougher mold stains, leave on for 3 to 5 hours • Mini brush: for applying Mold Away and pinpoint accuracy BENEFITS: • Easy to apply gel for cleaning molds • No scrubbing needed • Clear your home from growing mold and mildew • Prevents mold and mildew from coming back • Keep your family safe from air contaminated by mold and mildew • Save money from expensive chemicals, sealants, or renovations to clear mold PACKAGE CONTENTS : • (2) 200g Mold Away • (2) Mini brush
  6. -50%

    Spin N' Go

    FEATURES: • Made of Nano Technology micro-fiber material that creates a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the ess off the floor and into the mop head BENEFITS: • The unique locking bands trap the liquid and prevent it from leaking • No dripping back onto your floor

    Regular Price: ₱1,995.00

    Special Price ₱1,000.00

  7. Miami Life

    FEATURES • Special rubber rope loop suspension. • Side pads in place to cover the spring system • Adjustable Handle • Adaptable to body • Solid strong frame made from anodized steel • Support legs with anti-slip lining for a secure stand • Welded feet for stability • Optimal bounce without unwanted noise • Guaranteed and certified safe by the European safety standards BENEFITS • A full-body workout that its FUN, FAST, EASY, and EFFECTIVE • Low-impact anti-gravity cardio workout therefore joints are less prone to strain and injury versus pavement-pounding, making it safe compared to other forms of exercise • Trampoline exercise boosts the cardio and improves balance better than 30 minutes of running • Engages 400 muscles each workout and makes you burn up to 1200 calories per hour • A more fun way to effectively slim down and firm up your arms, legs, hips and thighs • 10 mins of Trampoline Exercise is equivalent to 30 mins of jogging or 1 hour of ordinary working out in the gym • Tones your muscles, building it and promotes balance, coordination and flexibility in your body • Target specific muscle groups for precise body sculpting • Engages all muscle groups as it gives an explosive full-body workout increasing your strength and endurance and improving functions of various body parts • Helps in enhancing blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and reducing the risk of developing heart disorders • Ultimately conditions the body to overcome fatigue, build stamina and reach total physical potential • Promotes healthier lymphatic circulation by which bacteria, abnormal cells and other toxic matter are filtered out of the body, thus boosting the immune system and stimulating faster recovery.
  8. Power Gym

    FEATURES • Increases your range of motion and workout effectiveness for fast results • 6 different grip positions • Provides a variety of the best exercise for each muscle group BENEFITS • Strengthen and tone! Sculpt and trim • Easy to use, ideal for any fitness level • Rated for 300 lbs • Quality built for durability and comfort
  9. Ecoramic Pots And Pans Set Blue

    Cook in elegance with the Ecoramic Pots and Pans Set! With a sophisticated design perfect for the homeowner with an eye for beauty with function, the pots and pans are stone-coated, assuring a non-stick, non-scratch surface for easy cooking and cleaning. Enjoy making your favorite soups, porridge, stews, curries, and more and serve from stove to tabletop without any worry! FEATURES • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Color-coded Pots • Anti-corrosion, Anti-stick, Anti-scratch • PFOA (Chlorofluorocarbon acid), Cadmium, Lead FREE • Over 35 micron coating thickness • Easy grip handle • Easy to clean • Non-Stick performance BENEFITS • Cooks evenly so no burnt food. • Food is healthier because of less need of oil. • Safe for family use as it has no harmful chemicals • Long-lasting Surface • High heat conductivity and even heat distribution • Adds color to kitchen and dining room. • Non-Stick coating provides long lasting superior • Glass lids prevent to overflow • In and outside 5 layered eco- friendly ceramic coating • The material use in organic mineral that help to cook hygienically and safely MATERIAL • Body : Aluminum Die-Casting Coated with Stone • Glass Lid : Tempered glass cover
  10. Travel Folding Boston Bag (Blue)

    Make travelling easier for you, have an extra bag wherever you go with the Jellyphant Travel Folding Boston Bag! This foldable bag is waterproof, durable, and can be folded into a small pocket sized pouch which can be stored in your own handbag!


Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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