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  1. Scrubtastic + Magic Sweeper

    FEATURES • Extension pole (extends Scrubtastic up to 39 inches) for reaching high or low areas • 3 interchangeable heads • Round brush: for cleaning bigger areas and tiles • Angled brush (freebie): for cleaning small corners, tiny crevices, and shower door rails • Flat brush (freebie): for cleaning smaller, flat surfaces (eg. shower drain, oven door grime) • AC adapter: On/Off buttonBENEFITS • Scrubs surfaces clean • Works on tubs, tiles, toilets, sinks, showers, corners, and more • No need to exert a lot of effort, unlike manual scrubbing • No need to reach up for high areas, or bend down for low areas • Cordless and rechargeable • Single charge lasts up to 60 minutes • Spins fast at 300 RPM (rotations per minute)Specifications • Color: White, light gray, silver • Material: Plastic, metalAdditional Freebies • Magic Sweeper sweeps and collects mess off the floor • Easily sweeps and collects mess, like dirt, dust, pet hair, dog/cat food, cereal, glass, etc.• Easy to clean under the furniture • No need to bend down to clean • No need to transfer dirt to a separate dustpan • Works on wood, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl • No cords, bags, or batteries needed • No sound • Lightweight; Weighs less than 2 poundsFEATURES • Round brushes that rotate 360 degrees to collect dirt and dust off the floor • Long handle that can lay flat • Makes it easier to clean dirt under furniture • Built-in dustpan


1 Item(s)