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  1. Tim & Brown Wireless Hammer Drill Set

    FEATURES: • 15+2 Position (Hammer Function) that can break through tougher materials. • 2 Speed Switches that allow for smooth pilot drilling followed by rapid drilling. • Integrated LED light for improved visibility. • Has 18V power capacity, making it stronger and suitable for heavy duty drilling. • Has a 1,500mAh battery, making the usage time long-lasting. • Battery indicator that lets you know when to recharge or when it has charged fully. • USB Power port • Screwdriver Set • Torque adjustment ring which is suitable with small screws and more precision jobs. • Sleeve chuck that makes it easy to changes bits in the middle of a job. • Twistable handle that makes it easy to get into tight spots • LED Flashlight that can be found at the base of the tool.
    BENEFITS: • Handy and portable, can be used anywhere and by anyone. (Male or Female) • Easy and safe to use. • Helps you save money by not needing to call a third party for help with installation • Easily helps you do any repair work neededPACKAGE CONTENTS: • Hammer Drill Set • Cordless Hammer Drill Body • Lithium-Ion 1,500mAh Battery • 1 Hour Fast Charger • Premium Hard Case • User Manual • Accessories: Flexible Bit, 3 pcs Concrete Bits, 6 pcs Driver Bits, 6 pcs Drill Bits , 1 pc 60mm Bit Holder, 1 pc Bit CaseFREEBIES: • Screwdriver Set • Screwdriver Body • USB Interface for Charger • Premium Hard Case • User Manual • Accessories: 3 pcs 50mm Slot Bit, 3 pcs 50mm Phillips Bits, 6 pcs Driver Bits, 6 pcs Drill Bits , 1 pc 60mm Bit Holder, 1 pc Bit Case
  2. Wonder Hurricane

    FEATURES • Has strong vibrations • Increasing Hot Function • Has a total of Four different vibration modes • Auto Timer FunctionBENEFITS • For those who just gave birth and want their abdominal area to go back to how it was before • Those who want their summer body • Those who want abdominal massages for full-time-sitting workers • Individuals who are Obese or those who drink beer a lot. • Elderlies with bad hips • Individuals with stiff shoulders due to stress • Individuals who want to relieve the tension on their muscles after a workout • Individuals who feel that sit-ups, hula-hoops, and treadmills are too hard for themPACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Main Unit • 1 AC-DC Adapter • 1 Manual
  3. Stravan Air Fryer 3L

    FEATURES • Removable frying basket with Teflon non-stick coating • Adjustable temperature control (80-200 Centigrade) • Heating indicator • Removable and heat insulation handle for frying basket • Automatic shut-off with ready alert • Prevent slip feet BENEFITS • Low-fat meals • Easy clean up • Uses hot-air circulation, the air fryer cooks your ingredients from all angles- with no oil needed • This ultimately produces healthier foods than most fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried foods in your homePACKAGE CONTENTS • 3 Liters removable bucket and Air Fryer with Variable power setting
  4. Dazzi Multi Cube

    BENEFITS: • chop vegetables within seconds without the hassle • Various slicing (slice), chopping and dicing are necessary for cooking. • The four sides of the cutting method, the various types of slicing, chopping and dicing • 1500ml special sealing material is used for cooking and the remaining material is kept fresh in a special container • It is economical to minimize the food waste by storing the cooking material in a sealed container for cutting • The blade can be easily separated and cleaned, and the body can be stored upright, maximizing hygienic and space efficiency • High quality stainless steel blade for long and safe use • All-round cube Each corner (8 total) has a soft base to prevent slipping during useFEATURES: • 1 x safety cover and V-shaped blade fixed universal cube (body) • 1 x safety holder • 1 x exclusive enclosure (1500ml) + 1 x freshness lid • 1 x chopping blade + 1 x safety cover • 1 x slicer blade + 1 x safety cover • 1 x dicing blade (¼ ""x ¼"" / ½ ""x ½"") + 1 x dicing punch + 1 x block pin (for cleaning) + 1x cover • 1 x circular blade fixing socket • 1 x long cutter round blade • 1 x long slicing circular blade • 1 x User Manual
  5. Dazzi Magic Touch

    FEATURES: • Advanced Nano Technology ? It features abrasives that polishes, lubricates and mineralizes the surface of the car to effectively remove scratches and stains. • Multiple Repair Functions - The cleaning cloth powerfully repairs and removes various surface damages such as scratches, guano, colloid, paint oxidation, asphalt, rust, and dirt. • Compatible with all car types and colorsBENEFITS • Restore car color and protect painted surfaces • Quickly polish and restore the color of your vehicle • Easy to use - anyone can use to repair the damaged surface of the car • Save money from expensive car repair shops • Save time; no need to bring your car to repair shopsPACKAGE CONTENTS : • 2 pcs Car Scratch Remover Cloth • 2 pcs Car Polish ClothFREEBIES: • 1 pc Towel • 1 pc Gloves HOW TO USE: • Clean and dry the damaged surface. • Wear the gloves and wipe the smart towel on the damaged surface. • Clean the surface with the polish cloth.
  6. Magic Saw

    FEATURES • Magic Saw blade cuts wood, metal and plastic • Diamond saw blade cuts glass, tile, ceramic, marble, concrete, & rock • Diamond grind blade lets you sharpen small tools/knives and it's also great for sanding/polishing any materials • Flat saw blade lets you cut large oversized wood that is thicker than the Magic Saw frame • Flat saw with spring-pin also can be installed in 3 directions after removing the stainless steel frame, and it can be used for plywood or wooden material cutting • Tungsten carbide roller tip allows you to cut glass and tile by scrollingBENEFITS • It can use for cutting wooden materials and metal at the same time without changing blade • It is widely used in construction, decoration, handicraft, advertising, pruning fruit trees and other industries as well as hiking fishing and other outdoor leisure activitiesPACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 X Saw Body • 7 X Coping Saw Blades • 1 X Tungsten Carbide Roller Tungsten • 1 X Flat Saw Blade • 1 X Diamond Blade • 1 X Hard Plastic CaseFREEBIE • 1 pc Tornado Blade
  7. Catch-On Pro 9 Dash Cam 32GB

    FEATURES • Full HD 1080P video resolution • 1024 camera lens • 120º Ultra Wide Angle • 3” (76.2mm) wide LCD screen • Metal body • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) • G-Sensor Motion Detection • 8 Infrared light for Night Vision • Security blue LED • 32GB SD cardBENEFITS • Premium quality dash cam • Captures crisp and clear details • Helps prevent accidents • Record accidents automatically • Ensures safety to drivers and passengers • Durable • Easy to install, no installation services needed • Easy to operate • Suits any vehicle type – sedan, container truck, motorcycle, etc.PACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Catch-On Pro 9 Dash Cam • 1 32GB SD card • 1 USB cable • 1 Multi socket • 1 User’s manual • 1 Product box • 1 Special Shafe • 1 Car Charger Adapter
  8. -8%

    Kitchenwell Stone Fry Pan Set - Package A

    FEATURES • 7 Coating Layer in 3 different outside coated-colors • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Non-Stick and Non-Scratch • Color-coded Pans • Anti-corrosion, Anti-stick, Anti-scratch • Non PFOA/PTFE BENEFITS • Cooks evenly so no burnt food • Food is healthier because of less need of oil • Safe for family use as it has no harmful chemicals • Long-lasting Surface • High heat conductivity and even heat distribution • Adds color to kitchen and dining roomPACKAGE CONTENTS • 1 Fry Pan (28cm) • 1 Grill Pan (28cm) • 1 Tempered Glass Cover • 1 Casserole Type of Pan

    Regular Price: ₱2,500.00

    Special Price ₱2,295.00

  9. Kitchenwell Double Sided Pan (Red Wine)

    FEATURES: • Magnetic lock on the Handles, ensuring that your pan is sealed well. • Interior coating has a 6-Layer Marble Stone Coating • Exterior Coating has a 2-Layer Marble Stone Coating. • The coating also gives a nonstick feature, making the flipping of your food hassle-free. • Has a silicone gasket that that will reduce the unwanted smell and smoke. • Has a Built-in tray that prevents oil or moisture from dripping onto the stove or any other surface.BENEFITS: • Protects you from the oil that may splatter around during cooking. • Makes flipping your food not only easy, but also convenient. • Gives an oven effect because of the seal, preserving the flavor inside. • Reduces unwanted smell and smoke while cooking. • The marble coating, unlike regular non-stick pans, lessens the risk of toxic chemicals from entering your food.PACKAGE CONTENTS : • 1 pc Double Sided Fry Pan FREEBIES: • 1 pc Extra Silicone Gasket


Items 1 to 10 of 24 total