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The idea for a 24/7 shopping channel in the Philippines was not as ubiquitous as it is today. It all began when a family of entrepreneurs decided to take a risk in October 2003 and introduced the concept of home shopping networks to the Philippine market.

Initially, ShopTV of Home Shopping Network aired for 12 hours daily starting last November 2005. It expanded its coverage to 24/7 airing by August 2006.

Since then, ShopTV has been known for its remarkable capacity to provide innovative local and imported products to their viewers. Through the years the company’s logo of a rooftop with signal rays against a blue background has become synonymous with innovative and revolutionary products. While the channel’s logo, the four-colored bars has become the mark of value, quality, trust, and hassle-free shopping.

Starting out as a pioneer for the Philippines’ home TV shopping industry, ShopTV is now entering the digital age and evolving with its consumers in a culture of credibility, authenticity, and longevity.


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