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Shop TV offers you the opportunity to bring your business online, as well as on broadcast television, tapping on a broader customer base to provide a convenient shopping experience, that’s always available, safe and secure.

With Shop TV, you become part of the fastest growing marketplace, with our newly launched website that caters to a wide variety of global and local products, with which you are able to sell online fast and easy.

See how easy it is to get started building and growing your business through Shop TV.

Enjoy lowest e-commerce fee!
We offer the lowest consignment fee and TV production cost.
Convenient delivery method.
Capitalize on Shop TV design and marketing plans, television airings!
Reach nationwide coverage, with 24 hours TV Selling.
Save money while doing business!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start selling my products?

Please contact the marketing team of Shop TV to get the details and get registered!

Email or send us a message
through Skype at [email protected]

How long is the process to become a seller?

It takes 1-2 days of processing for your product/s to be up and running at our e-commerce website. Businesses interested in having a home shopping TV show will undergo 1 week of processing and must pass qualifying Shop TV standard.

Email or send us a message
through Skype at [email protected]

What are the requirements to sell on Shop TV?


Individual (start up sellers) - one valid government ID, bank account details.

Corporate (registered business) - BIR2302/Certificate of Registration, DTI/SEC Permit, Collection Receipt and Sales Invoice.

TV Home Shopping:

Open only for registered businesses. BIR 2303/Certificate of Registration DTI/SEC Permit Collection Receipt and Sales Invoice

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