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Beauty Factor

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Quick Overview

• Ceramic plates, which heat up evenly;
• o Infused with:
• Argan Oil: Regenerates and nourishes dry hair
• Steam: Gives the hair a healthy moisture by providing it with wet heat instead of dry heat; Opens up the hair cuticle and allows the Argan Oil to pass through
• Tourmaline: Reacts to heat by closing the hair cuticle; Seals the hairs natural moisture
• Steam Button, which lets user choose between 3 modes when using steam (no steam; less steam; more steam)
• Steam Tank to contain water, which will turn into steam
• Tank button, which when pushed, will allow Tank to detach from device
• Temperature Wheel, which allows user to select the temperature in heating the device
• Rotating power cord, for easily handling of the device when plugged into an outlet

• Straightens/curls hair
• Hydrates and restores frizzy hair
• Provides hair with a sleek, natural shine
• Lowers risk of damaging/drying out the hair due to heat, unlike traditional hair straighteners

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Say goodbye to traditional hair straighteners that burn your hair and leave it dull and dry and say hello to Beauty Factor Argan Steam Therapy-- the revolutionary tool that provides a high-quality, deep-conditioning treatment every time you style your hair!