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Aqua Tru

Aqua Tru Counter-Top Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

SKU: 602065

Quick Overview

• Tap Water Tank: container where unfiltered water (ie. Tap water) is placed; Has a handle for easy-carrying
• Clean Water Tank: container where purified water is stored; Has a handle for easy-carrying
• Dispensing Button: pushed to take some water out of the Clean Water Tank
• Display Monitor: features lights that indicate mode of device and filter levels (ie. Tell the user whether filters will run out soon or not; See specifications for lifetime of each filter)
• Side panel: Contains 3 types of filters (see Specifications) to complete the 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration process:
(1) Pre-filter: removes sediments and cloudiness from water
(2) VOC filter: removes Chlorine and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)
(3) RO filter: removes metal ions, salts, viruses, pollutants, drugs, etc.
(4) VOC filter: polishes the water and removes more chlorine or gases in the water
• Power Adapter

• Healthy; May prevent waterborne diseases, such as: Amoebiasis, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Diarrhea
• Cost-effective
• Eco-friendly
• Prevents the use of water bottles, which pollute the environment
• Simple and easy to use
• No plumbing required
• Quick
• Can purify water in 12-15 minutes
• Portable
• Removes more contaminants compared to pitcher filters and faucet filters
• So effective that it can turn diet soda into water

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The first and only counter-top, reverse osmosis water purifier, Aqua Tru is a machine that makes purified drinking water from tap water, bottled water quality water.
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