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Active Posture with Therapy Magnet

SKU: 601938

Quick Overview

• Breathable Neoprene Fabric
• 12 strategically placed magnets inside the brace
• Cotton lining
• Machine washable
• Unisex brace
• Magnetic Therapy - 12 strategically placed magnets inside the brace
• Adapts to all body sizes

• Corrects posture
• Aligns the vertebrae and spine
• Minimizes excess curvature of the back
• Enables you to stand straighter
• Makes you look taller and have a slimmer waistline
• Provides magnetic technology therapy that improves blood flow and frees energy within the body
• Relaxes muscles, kills pain, and strengthens the body
• Alleviates muscle tension, chronic pain, spasm, cramps, neck pain and stiffness, bad circulation, stomach tightness, scoliosis, sciatica, and lower back pain

• 1 Active Posture
• 1 Instruction Sheet

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There's no posture problem with Active Posture! With its 12 strategically placed magnets, say goodbye to all kinds of pain and hello to relief, improved blood flow, and looking and feeling taller!